What Would you Like to Know About Eyelashes?

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Here's some truth about lashes...

The Terrible Truth About Artificial Eyelashes

Now, with regard to the obvious disadvantages of such a procedure. Fortunately, I only heard about them from the stories of acquaintances or read in horror stories from the network. Artificial eyelashes stick together, break and fall out, irritate the eyes and provoke eyelid inflammation. And this nightmare can really happen, but only if you make a mistake with the choice of a master and a salon. There may still be an option when a good master in a good salon uses not very good materials. Therefore, it is best to seek a specialist according to the recommendations of your friends. Do not be shy to pester the master with your questions. Make sure that the extensions will be made with premium glue. As for the price, I highly recommend not expecting a good result from a procedure with a low cost.

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