Beautiful Premium Lashes Are Affordable

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Guaranteed Reduced Prices

YES… YOU HAVE READ THAT RIGHT !!! We have lowered the prices on our Beautiful Premium Lashes. This is our guarantee. Our new lower priced lashes are now, just $10.00 ea. pair. Since many of our loyal and very faithful customers have asked about doing more deals, we have decided to do something even better, and that was to lower the prices of our Lashes.

Don’t forget to check out our lash glue. This lash glue is Amazing. Very special Insipered formula, that does not irratate your skin, that last all day.

It was so amazing, that it sold out in two days. It is now back in stock. So dont forget to get yours before it sells out again. Get all of your products here

When you help and support businesses wether they are large or small, you are not only supporting the business, you are helping someone in a community, that maybe hurting financially.. We are looking for others just like yourself to pay it foward, So for everyone that does pay if foward, we will match it. So when you make your purchase, and would like to pay it foward, leave the words pay foward.

So make sure to visit us @zariahs-treasure


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