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Since our move over to Cbimarketplace.com (a huge platform), our sales have skyrocketed close to 800%, and we couldn’t be happier! Now from what we know, is that the fees are actually very reasonable, (they haven’t been raised still) you have awesome support and just an overall great family. What we also love is that, as a listing vendor, you actually get pretty good discounts from different vendors who also list on there. I believe that the Vendor List is still open, so if you’re in the business (any kind) and you want your business to skyrocket, go sign up before they close the list. This was the best thing/move that Zariahs-treasure could have done. Unfortunately, while we were briefly listed on amazon, Shopify, Facebook marketplace, TikTok and even instagram, we were pretty much restricted on what we could list and say., and always wondering when we would get hacked next. Running a business, you need everything to be perfect, including your safety and security, and that was one thing we never felt. From being reported on Facebook to not having your ads approved , to having your account on amazon, and shopify being banned was merely a big disappointment . On Cbimarketplace, you have so much freedom and you are valued not as a customer but as real family. So for us spending just $30.00 a month on

Cbimarketplace, It was money well spent!

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