In my humble opinion, why is there SEO, and why do we really need it.

SEO and your Website, To Scam or Not to Scam

Sometimes I really do wonder, If this is really just some scam for people who have websites with and without blog’s to compete against each other to see who can get to the top first.

Is it really necessary to add certain words, just to get somebody’s attention, or once again, to see how fast can you get to the top.

SEO and your Website, you pay money to someone, mind you ( you/they are paying hundreds or even in the thousands just to rank somewhat high in what probably takes a couple of months to get there)or you do it yourself, if you really have that knowledge to do so.

Then there are those kind of annoying Video’s on You tube, and Facebook Ads, that promise you, they can help you achieve that high ranking, only If you pay just $ 19.99 a one time payment.

But then there’s that ” My Top Secret Formula” that put me to the top literally over night, “I ranked on Google” and all the major Sites, I can give you my top secret formula, that took me 20 years to perfection, for just 3 easy payments of $ 399.99 .

This is a once in a lifetime deal, and for today only., “Hmmm, ok, so it went from “just $ 19.99 a one time payment to 3 easy payment’s of $ 399.99 to rank., NO THANK YOU ! I see and say “SCAM” ! NEXT.


For Instance,” keywords” If you really think about it, if you add the keyword(s) , you get a low and I mean really low score, next thing you know it, you are getting aggravated to the point where you just want to give up.

So you end up trying a different keyword, really something that has nothing to do with what you are describing, nor about that product your trying to really rank for, and you get a score of 76 or maybe 82, like REALLY ?!

In my opinion, what person does not know about how to buy and from what store, or the Makeup or Clothing, or those certain accessories for that Makeup/Clothing.

Then you have Google, Yahoo, Bing, and anything else that pertains to the “WORLD WIDE WEB”. I see it as just one big machine, (all of them).

Where the employees are adding random words with and without Importance,(and most likely Laughing at the fact)(THE BIGGEST CIRCLE OF THE INTERNET) and then we start following those Guru’s on Social Media., ” or getting their emails, and their raking in the $$$. Very Upsetting !


I every now and again, receive the promotion’s by email, stating that some Fantastic Deal is going on, where you get some type of $ 300.00 – 600.00 Credit to start an account, and run some ads, to getting “we at Facebook can not support this, as this violated our Facebook Community’s Rules and Standards.

Now jumping on over to the gram, ” Surprise, Surprise”, your seeing females that barely have on boob covers, or with barely something on their bottom portion, which strikes me as odd, yet Facebook owns Instagram, and if you actually read their policy’s, they are pretty much the same.

So now you now get blocked and or banned off of Facebook, only to find out your website has been hacked, now what do you do?

You write Facebook, or making them calls, to getting that message, that due to Covid-19, we are running operations with a few Facebook employees, so we will respond back to you when we are back to being fully staffed. thanks “Your friends at Facebook”.

Months later, you still don’t even hear those cricket sounds, but they are extremely fast(Facebook) at putting you in Facebook Jail to banning your account. (BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT).

Shopify to Word Press:

How is it that Shopify is All Great, BLAH,BLAH,BLAH. Some people hold them true to being Excellent.

I had them for a while and was not Impressed.

After your free trial, the payment of $ 29.00 will come out of your account, even when you upgrade, whatever the upgrade price is, but you are still paying, while paying $ 29.00 every month for 3 months and having a delay of what products you can/cant sell, only to find out that not only that, but there are additional charges, so now your paying over $ 100.00 for something you never added.

Now I switch over to WordPress, I am in love, their themes are really awesome, the plugins just the same ! But guess what ? WordPress is FREE !!!! Most Plugins are free, while the Premium Plugins you got to pay for.

I will say this much, I can go on and on and on, about how much I love WordPress, and all, but at the end of the day, its your choice on what to get.

Websites you should Definitely Check Out and Place Orders with are of course Us, but also

I was truly Impressed with all of their Designs, their Products, their Prices, and their Awesome Customer Service. To me Great Customer Service is always needed.

Yes we offer the same Great Customer Service, Products, Etc., but the point is this, Honesty is always the best ! Five Stars Deserved

5 Minutes a Day:

Taking just 5 Minutes a Day, to learn for yourself about the (SEO) and WORLD WIDE WEB, not only will save yourself a lot of money, but time.

I know there is a lot more I can say about SEO, but I wont.

With that being said, I am wondering how fast this will go viral, or will it, how much feed back, even if its positive or negative will we get for speaking the truth., and a little promoting on the side., I’m willing to bet, that this will not go viral. If it does, tag us, I would be shocked !


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