Our Review for Cbimarketplace

Since our move over to Cbimarketplace.com (a huge platform), our sales have skyrocketed close to 800%, and we couldn’t be happier! Now from what we know, is that the fees are actually very reasonable, (they haven’t been raised still) you have awesome support and just an overall great family. What we also love is that, […]

How to get your Zariahs Treasure Eyelashes and Cosmetics

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and our store seeks to give the beholder all they can hold. From fabulous and eye-catching eye latches to mind-blowing makeup, this is the one-stop shop for all things glam. Open twenty-four hours seven days a week; feel free to check out our new-age Gbaddie Cosmetics, which […]

Are you using the right Foundation ?

Sometimes when we go to the stores, whether it is Walmart, target, cvs, or the dollar store., or even makeup stores like Mac, Morphe, etc., we often forget that most of our Beauty products are over PRICED. Yes I said it. This is what I am saying. Why would you spend $ 75.00 on foundation […]

Very good Eye Lash Glue

We were told that our lash glue was some of the best !! Yes this is a very good eyelash glue, that you must get and try.. You wont be disappointed! Visits: 2

Beautiful Premium Lashes Are Affordable

Guaranteed Reduced Prices YES… YOU HAVE READ THAT RIGHT !!! We have lowered the prices on our Beautiful Premium Lashes. This is our guarantee. Our new lower priced lashes are now, just $10.00 ea. pair. Since many of our loyal and very faithful customers have asked about doing more deals, we have decided to do […]

Premium Lashes

What do you consider premium lashes ? Well with all of the lashes that are made, you can tell the difference between regular and premium lashes. With regular lashes, they are more on the thin side, the lash hair is noticeably different overall, length, etc. Premium lashes offers, thickness, length, the different lash hair, as […]

Most Popular Questions Eyelash Extension

We are creators of a new approach to solving aesthetic problems of any age – “intensive cosmetology”. Intensive cosmetology (from the Latin. Intensio – tension, enhancement) is a field of cosmetology, which is characterized by time-tight, targeted, strong, penetrating, combined types of influence on the aesthetic problem (on all its links), as a result of […]

Eyelash Curler. Everything About It

We like to offer our Queens the very best products out there on the market.   What kind of eyelash curlers do you recommend for someone that has thick eyelashes ? by Rebecca A. We recommend our high quality premium eyelash curler, which is easy to use and quickly gives your eyelashes a desired curl. It […]

How to Care for Eyelash Extensions?

Well there are several ways to take care of your Eyelash Extensions. But since we don’t want to bore you with a long story, we will tell you in a couple steps. Make sure to wash your face with a good soap. Or you can use our Eyelash Shampoo,that provides a maximum and deep cleaning. […]

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