Are you using the right Foundation ?

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Sometimes when we go to the stores, whether it is Walmart, target, cvs, or the dollar store., or even makeup stores like Mac, Morphe, etc., we often forget that most of our Beauty products are over PRICED. Yes I said it. This is what I am saying. Why would you spend $ 75.00 on foundation ? This is exactly what I mean about being overpriced. The same ingredients are used, and the foundation is hyped up. The wording that is in place is basically hypnotizing you into buying something. Besides them hypnotizing you, you are paying for a name. Listen, when you get done reading this, go google foundation, and guess what will pop up? All of those big brands, and you should see them prices I was just talking about. Before we had launched our foundation.

I had literally tried different brands, from the cheap, cheap , to the very expensive foundation . I had many different thoughts, and tried to make due with what I had, and I even went as far as mixing some of those foundations to get different shades on my face. It was not fun at all ! I then reached out to a buddy of mine who connected me to a factory, that made foundation for many big brands. The meeting turned out pretty well, and as I spoke to them about what kind of foundation I wanted, going to how well the foundation layed on your skin, to the perfect color skin match. This formula was PERFECT !! Not to mention how surprised they were, that this foundation was not being sold all over the world for $ 50.00 or more. Ladys and gentleman, I can not tell you how dang good this foundation is, and how you are missing out on a beauty product. This foundation is literally thee BEST our there…NO LIE ! So make sure to go now to and order your Foundation, that I guarantee you will get great compliments from. Thanks for reading, and see you soon !

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